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We always have a wide range of New and Used FX Pedals & Units in stock, and we can order in just about anything you might want                                   
We are main stockists for :                  


AKG, Alesis, Amati, Aquila, Augustin, Aulos, AXL, Bespeco, Beta Aivin FX, Beta Aivin FX, Bill Lewington, Boss, Carol Mics, Chord, D'addario, D'Andrea Accessories, Danelectro, Darco, Dean, Digitech, Dimarzio, Dimarzio, Dixon, Dod, Earlham, Earthwood, Elite, Elixir, Ernie Ball, Evans, Farfisa, Fishman, GHS, Gotoh, Guitar Man, Gyser, Hercules, Hiscocks Cases, Hohner, Ibanez, Istanbul, Jim Dunlop, Kirlin, Korg, Kyser, Laka, Lee Oskar, Levys Straps, Martin, Meinl, Morley, Pearl, Pearl, Picato, PICKBOY, Planet Waves, Proel, Pulse, Quick Lok, Qwiktune, Regal, Remo, Rico, Rico Royal, Rockbag, Roland, Rotosound, Rythm Tech, Samson, Savannah, Savarez, Schaller, Seiko, Seymour Duncan, Shubb, Soundtech, Sponge Bob, Stagg, Stentor, Suzuki, Timber Tones, Vandoren, Vic Firth, Vintage, Vox and Wittner.




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  New in stock Boss RC3, MXR 108 Fuzz,

   MXR GT-OD & MXR Bass Envelope Filter       from


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